Want To Get The Most From Your Rural Marketing and

Rural Marketing Manager?

If you are a rural business owner who wants to maximise the return from your marketing or

new or current marketing manager, this programme has been made for you.

Here's what you and your marketing team will learn in our exclusive and proprietary

Rural Marketing Mastery Programme®:

It's never been easier but it's never been harder because everyone can now access an audience quickly and easily at the touch of a button.

Manual marketing is so last century, and so is "spray n' pray" advertising.

Today's marketing tools and technologies can help you generate leads predictably and reliably, day in day out.

You just need to know how and we will show you and share our unique system.

Our Rural Marketing Mastery Programme will get your marketing properly set up to perform.

What we cover includes:

  • How the buyer brain buys so your marketing messages will never miss its mark

  • How to write headlines that hit home runs and get your emails opened

  • How to create killer content that your customers crave

  • How to position the benefit of your brand to maintain and defend premium prices

  • How to get your website to wash its own face so you can crush your competition

  • Take a sneak-peek of the programme and its 13 marketing modules (+ recommended reading list) here

Maximise Your

Marketing Dollars

Running rural print ads or radio don't cut in in today's information-overwhelmed world.

It's time to say goodbye to expensive, ineffective hit n' hope, spray and pray advertising.

That was the 1980s.

Today's powerful, new digital tools offer far more accountability and attribution, with precise targeting

so you spend your marketing dollars wisely and once.

We will teach you and your marketing how to use social media to extract emails so you can build your own list using your own platform, and create content that cuts through all

the noise and clutter.

Measure The Metrics

That Matter Most

Most marketing managers focus on outputs instead of outcomes. This is the majority of marketers never make it to the top table.

Don't focus on vanity metrics like Facebook likes, focus instead on sanity metrics like sales, leads, appointments, leads and customer contact details

For marketing to be truly effective, it needs to deliver on clear, attributable

commercial goals.

We will teach you how to make sure you marketing starts making you money, instead of costing you money.

We will also show you how to calculate LifeTime Value (LTV) of a customer so you can properly work out Cost To Acquire (CTA) a customer.

And we'll teach you how to value segment your customer base using our RFM model.

Generate Qualified Leads Predictably and Reliably

It's time to stop all your manual marketing.

We will show you how to set up your very own automated marketing system that goes

to work whilst you're sleeping.

We will teach you the exact same lead-generation system we use which greets us with new qualified leads each and

every morning we wake up.

Imagine what that would be like for you and your sales team?

* We work exclusively and only in the rural and agribusiness sectors having trained and taught hundreds of agronomy, rural service professionals, real estate, genetics, animal health, dairy, agritech, fertiliser and feed companies.

We guarantee a 5% lift in sales within the first 120 days when are marketing training methodology has been proven to be applied and followed.

Failing that we will work with you and your team until you do, or we'll refund every single cent immediately.

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